Cresa Report: Occupiers eyeing spaces that can evolve with their business functions


BOSRTON – Boston commercial real estate firm Cresa released its annual Market Insight Reports, saying occupiers are eyeing spaces that can evolve with their business functions.

Cresa report provides a unique viewpoint into the shifts in market activity, trends, and tenant perspectives.

The reports synthesize client data and recent marketing activity into actionable strategies for Greater Boston tenants in 2022. For each market and geographic region, Cresa’s advisors summarize notable shifts since the start of the pandemic and forecast 2022 real estate activity as it relates to occupier planning and decision making.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Life sciences expansion continues to dominate the Greater Boston market, with several new lab-enabled developments scheduled for completion in the next two years. With Cambridge prices soaring and workstyles evolving, tenants are more willing to consider the suburban space.
  • As landlords and developers race to keep up with tenant demand, occupiers who need space solutions in the near term have limited options.
  • Occupiers are eyeing spaces that can evolve with their business functions, support a variety of uses, and accommodate future growth. As a result, flexible infrastructure is increasingly desirable.
  • With many organizations navigating their return to the workplace, downtown office tenants have focused on high-quality, amenity-rich buildings.

Each of the reports provides additional findings and context around these trends, as well as suggestions for tenants looking to restructure their short and long-term real estate strategies. Having closely monitored the market and its pandemic-related shifts, Cresa offers data-driven insights and predictions for the future of real estate and the workplace in Greater Boston.

View all reports here.