Bergmeyer Rebrands as Multi-Disciplinary Design Collaborative With New Campaign “Be Creative. Be Connected. Be Curious.”

Mike Davis

BOSTON– Bergmeyer announced the evolution of its brand to a multi-disciplinary design collaborative, while also unveiling a transformative and bold new brand identity with a new campaign “Be Creative. Be Connected. Be Curious.”

“Bergmeyer has always believed in a broadly participatory design process; we have always regarded our designers as facilitators, not authors,” said Mike Davis, President of Bergmeyer. “We have never been constrained by traditional definitions of design practice. And today, with a shared sense of purpose and a culture that values diversity, openness, and knowledge-sharing, we readily embrace this new strategic direction.”

Established in 1975, Bergmeyer has consistently challenged itself as an organization to create innovative and future-thinking experiences and attributes much of its continued successes to the company’s culture and its shared purpose to be unwavering in testing the limits of design thinking every day. Bergmeyer’s new positioning as a design collaborative is evidence of a pivotal shift for the architecture industry as experiential design continues to evolve beyond traditional expectations.

“Bergmeyer draws upon our inherent agility and adaptability to serve the needs of our clients, partners, and colleagues as we blaze a new path forward as a multi-disciplinary design collaborative,” said Rachel Zsembery, Vice President of Bergmeyer. “Recognizing the cross-pollinization of our markets and the interconnection of design exercises from business strategy to physical environments to brand identity, we have adapted by creating an integrated and expanded suite of services to address the needs of our clients.”

Prompted by this forward-thinking mindset, Bergmeyer recognized and responded to its clients’ growing needs by expanding its design services and capabilities, including architecture + interior design, graphic design branding, sustainability consulting, placemaking, event design + activations, and visual merchandising.

With the expansion of services, Bergmeyer also turned the design lens on its own brand, utilizing its internal team of design expertise to resourcefully and strategically re-brand, a year-long project tapping into almost every one of its 85+ employees in Boston and Los Angeles.

“As a creative enterprise, Bergmeyer trades on a distinct set of professional skills including the added value of our own curious disposition,” said Brian Perlow, Associate Principal at Bergmeyer. “Reexamining the brand’s DNA during a period of social polarity, health-related isolation, and highly variable economic conditions has further clarified the purpose of our collaborative. Through intense research, we have identified the firm’s “genetic” building blocks which factor most heavily in our clients’ success and continue to differentiate the business across all markets. The foundation for the new brand, using these very same building blocks, is now expressed with the honest enthusiasm we seek to generate with and for our clients.”