Apollo Safety Announces New Division Catering to Cannabis Product Manufacturers


BOSTON–Apollo Safety, Inc., providers of gas detection products and services for hospitals, universities, government operations, public utilities, manufacturing, biotech and other organizations, recently announced the formation of a dedicated division to cater to cannabis product manufacturers.

The need for gas detection and monitoring systems at cannabis product manufacturing facilities is imperative, as elevated levels of Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, Ozone and other hazardous and combustible gases may be present in the growing and processing environments.

“Recently, in California, an employee of a cannabis product manufacturer was seriously injured from an explosion on-site due to the undetected presence of flammable gas/vapors,” explained John V. Carvalho III, Apollo Safety founder and president. Carvalho has been consulting with fire chiefs and building owners on gas detection and safety for more than two decades.

He continued, “When you consider the potential risks and the devastating impact one incident can have, it spotlights the need for hazardous and combustible gas detection at ALL cannabis product manufacturers to ensure the overall safety of everyone on-site.”

Taking Proactive Steps

Although gas detection systems are not yet a requirement at cannabis product manufacturers in Massachusetts, one facility in the state has already taken action and contracted with Apollo Safety for a gas detection system.

According to Carvalho, “Most hazardous gases are virtually undetectable to human senses alone and can harm workers even in low doses. Monitoring for Carbon Dioxide and Ozone as well as combustible gases is imperative at cannabis grow facilities. These are serious health and safety hazards. When combustible gases are present in sufficient quantities, they pose the threat of fire or explosion. There is also the threat of oxygen-depleting gases which displace the oxygen supply in confined spaces. Workers may experience impaired thinking and coordination, rapid fatigue, unconsciousness or worse.”

It is critical for cannabis production facilities to have reliable gas detection monitors placed throughout the site. Apollo Safety’s new division helps facilities select and install the appropriate system for their needs and make recommendations for a suitable maintenance schedule.

Apollo Safety’s offerings include a wide variety of portable, stationary and wireless gas detection systems, including brands such as Industrial Scientific, RAE Systems, RKI, MSA and Honeywell. Apollo Safety also provides ongoing monitoring and management of the maintenance, usage, and alarm data of gas detection systems, which ensures optimal operation, minimal downtime, and the overall safety of everyone on-site.

Apollo Safety provides on-site installation and training along with 24/7 service, and uses only factory-original parts for repairs which are made exactly to client requirements. Their factory-qualified technicians guarantee that all instruments are calibrated and completely compliant with local, federal and manufacturer’s requirements for bump testing, calibration and maintenance.

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