AGC MA Announces Member Firm EV Charging Station Pledge

Abby Roberts

Wellesley, MA — In an effort to minimize the impact of fossil fuel emissions in the construction industry, the Associated General Contractors of Massachusetts (AGC MA) Sustainability Advisory Committee has announced the Construction EV Charger Pledge, which signals the industry’s commitment to accelerating the transition of construction sites to allow for greater use of electrified vehicles and equipment.

The pledge also requests that signatories include at least one exterior NEMA 14-50 commercial grade electric vehicle charging receptacle at their places of businesses and at all construction sites.

“It’s increasingly clear that the impacts of climate change are here,” said AGC MA Sustainability Committee Chair Abigail Roberts, sustainability program manager at Turner Construction. “Electric vehicles are an important way to lessen a growing problem. While we expect that electrification of construction vehicles and equipment will someday be the norm, it’s essential to take steps now. We’re encouraged by the support that we’re already seeing from our partners in this industry, who are not only preparing for change but are bringing it as well.”

The EV Charger Pledge is part of a wider effort by the AGC MA to increase the use of electrified vehicles and equipment in the construction process. In addition to the installation of EV charging stations, signers of the pledge commit to promoting the use of battery powered vehicles, heavy equipment and power tools.

Construction firms that have already committed to the pledge include Consigli Construction Co., Inc., Columbia, Commodore Builders, Gilbane, Shawmut Design & Construction, Skanska, and Turner Construction.

“As leaders in the Commonwealth’s construction community, it is on us and our partners in the industry to drive necessary change, like the prioritization and installation of electrified vehicles and equipment, on our jobsites to help accomplish our shared sustainability goals,” said Steven Burke, Director of Sustainability at Consigli Construction Co., Inc. “Consigli is committed to working collaboratively with AGC MA and our fellow EV pledge cosigners to do our part and lead the construction industry toward a greener, more sustainable future.”

“We are proud of the impactful work that is being accomplished by our Sustainability Committee, and by the commitment of our member firms to this important effort,” said John Ferrante, AGC MA CEO. “The local construction sector is dedicated to building a brighter and better future for all.”