WinnResidential Placed Among the Top Five Multifamily Operators in the United States

Patrick Appleby

BOSTON – WinnResidential, the property management arm of WinnCompanies, placed among the top five multifamily operators in the United States for overall satisfaction in 2023, based on the results of surveys returned by more than 11,000 prospective and current residents.

The high-ranking marks the third year in a row the company achieved Elite 5 status as one of the top five management companies in the nation for resident satisfaction, according to Kingsley, the multifamily industry’s leading business intelligence provider.

“WinnResidential’s commitment to prospect and resident satisfaction is well-known throughout the multifamily industry, but I get to see it demonstrated on a daily basis as well,” said James Craine, project manager for Grace Hill, which owns KingsleySurveys as part of its suite of multifamily and commercial real estate benchmarking tools. “With yet another year of amazing results in the books, that legacy of care and concern is just further cemented, and the benefits of their commitment are provided directly to their prospects and residents.”

To qualify for Elite 5 performance, a management company must survey approximately 90 percent of the prospects and residents in its portfolio; survey current residents prior to the renewal date for their lease; and outperform the national Kingsley Index for resident satisfaction.

On average, properties managed by WinnResidential received 2023 scores that outpaced the national Kingsley Index in five categories – value for rent, likelihood of lease renewal, problem resolution by property staff, feeling valued as a resident, and overall satisfaction with management.

“We’re pleased that residents are recognizing the hard work of our property management teams at a wide range of apartment communities in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions,” said Patrick Appleby, president of WinnResidential. “We value resident feedback to understand what we are doing well and how we can improve our service to make a difference in the quality of life for households we serve.”

Overall, 39 of the WinnResidential communities that participated in the 2023 anonymous survey process achieved scores for overall satisfaction that exceeded the Kingsley Index benchmark – meaning they ranked higher than the composite satisfaction score of competitors.

WinnResidential manages 68,580 apartments across all income categories at almost 700 properties in 17 states and the District of Columbia.

More than 93,400 e-mail surveys were distributed in 2023 in WinnResidential communities to measure satisfaction from prospective residents, residents who recently moved into a property, residents from whom a work order was completed, residents at the mid-point in their lease and residents approaching the end of their lease.

WinnResidential has engaged KingsleySurveys since 2016 to provide robust resident and tenant lifecycle surveys, benchmarks and insights designed to drive improved customer satisfaction and, ultimately, resident retention.

The Kingsley Index™ is the most comprehensive performance benchmarking database in the real estate industry. Compiled from nearly 40 years of analyzing the performance of industry leaders, the proprietary index is the standard for measuring tenant, resident, employee and client experience.