Veteran Boston Executive Eric Bacon Leaves Leggat McCall Properties, Launches Real Estate Startup MultiWall Systems

Eric Bacon (Photo: Leggat McCall Properties website)

BOSTON—Veteran Boston real estate executive Eric Bacon has left Boston real estate development and project management firm Leggat McCall Properties where he spent 20 years in the company’s Executive Committee and senior management team, and has launched a real estate startup MultiWall Systems, aimed at improving life in studio apartments.

“Our vision is to combine real estate thinking, architecture, and furniture design to upgrade these units in a way that is accretive to owner value,” according to the company’s marketing flyer. “Our current customers include national REITs as well as local developers with projects in Boston. The feedback and orders have been encouraging.”

Mr. Bacon, who joined Leggat McCall Properties in 1996, said that Dec. 31, 2018 was his last day at Leggat McCall.

“It has been a great experience with outstanding people, and I will miss it.  That said, I planned a few years ago to get going on the Bucket List this year and I’m going to do it.  This includes more sailing, more screwing around in my shop and putting some shoulder against an idea called Multiwall that I have been working on for a few years,” Mr. Bacon said in an email. “MultiWall will give me a reason to stay connected to the real estate business and to all the people that have my pleasure to know over the years. I will hopefully see you around Post Office Square.”

At Leggat McCall, Mr. Bacon served as Executive Vice President and was co-manager of the firm’s development business, taking care of corporate and management responsibilities for the development group’s ongoing business. In addition, he acted as project executive for select client relationships and principal investments.

Prior to Leggat McCall, Mr. Bacon managed the commercial brokerage business for Boston-based real estate services firm Whittier Partners where he worked from 1981 to 1996.

MultiWall Systems’ first product is MultiWall, a universal post-construction amenity wall that addresses the key privacy, utility, storage and layout problems inherent in most urban high-rise studio apartments. Adding MultiWall creates a new class of apartment that garners premium rent for owners and increased satisfaction for tenants.

MultiWall is currently available in Boston and the company is shooting for national availability in the fourth quarter of 2019. MultiWall is currently offered in 8 projects in Boston and Cambridge, MA.

“If small apartments were designed by boat builders, the experience could be dramatically improved” say MultiWall Systems Co-Founders Eric Bacon and Dave Kenyon

The MultiWall Story

MultiWall started as a conversation between Mr. Bacon and Dave Kenyon, a custom millworker, about living on sailboats. They agreed that if small apartments were designed by boat builders, the experience could be dramatically improved. The result is MultiWall, a simple and elegant solution that brings the organization and style of a cruising sailboat to a high-rise home, according to the company’s website.

A typical 550 square foot studio before MultiWall.

How does MultiWall work?

MultiWall makes studios more livable. At five feet wide and only nine inches thick, MultiWall is a simple and elegant way to make these small spaces private and useful, according to the website.

MultiWall does the following:

  • Reorganizes the space into a private bedroom and a functional living room.
  • Provides a full-size pop-up work station and a bedside table.
  • Takes up 3.3 SF of floor space and delivers 28 cubic feet of storage and functionality.
  • Has a high gloss finish and quality engineering that enhances the entire apartment.
MultiWall efficiently divides a typical 550 square foot studio into a sleeping area and a living room with a pop up work station.