Erland Construction Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

BURLINGTON, MA – Four decades ago, Erland Construction opened its doors in Burlington.  It was 1977 and five employees started working in the company’s original office in Northwest Park, where Erland built its first projects for the Nordblom Company.

These initial projects included new construction and renovations to existing buildings designed for R&D/office use.  Erland’s cooperative, honest and respectful approach helped the firm land nine additional projects before the end of its first year.

Today, Erland employs 105 people and has completed more than 600 projects throughout the region, ranging from multifamily residential to academic to senior living.

Erland Construction’s owners, from left to right: Scott Bates, Vice President, ACT Group Manager; Eric Greene, Vice President, Senior Living Group; Steven McDonald, President; Charles Vaciliou, Senior Vice President, Director of Client Services; and Dan James, Vice President, General Superintendent.

Among its current projects, Erland is the construction manager for the 3rd Ave Redevelopment in Northwest Park. The former suburban office park, where Erland began 40 years ago and remains today, is now a destination for residents, hotel guests, shops, restaurants and entertainment, as the company helps to transform its own neighborhood.

“We value the long-term relationships that we’ve built with our clients over the years,” said Steven McDonald, President of Erland, who joined the firm in 1986. “There’s nothing more rewarding than bringing our client’s vision to life and seeing all of the hard work our team has put into a project pay off when it’s completed.”

The company has honed its preconstruction acumen to continue delivering accurate, well-grounded early stage estimates and logistical plans that clients have relied on for decades. These unique solutions have encompassed more than 200 new buildings and 400 interior and exterior renovations. Erland has completed 35 rental housing developments, with 2,336 apartment units currently under contract. Thirty-three academic campuses have welcomed Erland for 85 different projects. Additionally, commercial/institutional clients have called on the company more than 300 times.

Erland has long been committed to community outreach and charitable giving. In 2016, the Erland Charitable Foundation was established to provide funding that makes a positive difference in the lives of selected groups in the communities where the company works. Through fundraising efforts, the company strives to increase awareness and educate others about target causes and donates those funds to charities that are meaningful to employees.

It is also in the company’s DNA to support their own. Not only does Erland provide its employees with opportunities for professional development and training, but also promotes a culture where no one fails and everyone is encouraged to learn from experience and each other.

“We approach everything as a team and that includes providing opportunities for everyone to reach their fullest potential,” said Thomas Blesso, Vice President and Key Account Executive, who’s been with Erland since 1977.  “By doing so, we are improving the services that we offer – as well as nurturing the next generation at Erland – and contributing to the betterment of our industry.”

In its 40th year, Erland Construction is the Northeast’s leading open shop construction management and general contracting firm.  The company is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts and has specialized expertise in major market sectors including residential, senior living, academic, office, commercial, and advanced technology.

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